Birthday 14/03/15

Didn't really celebrate my birthday just like the years before because my birthday is always before finals -__- I just went home and ate a simple bowl of pho with my family! Was supposed to go yum cha but my mommy came home too late so we couldn't get any dim sum :( Ate cake at night with family and my brother's girlfriend bought me Tpumps! That was basically it. And I studied on my birthday too, studying for biochemistry :(

When I went back to school late at night on Sunday, my roommate & housemate surprised me with cake and flowers!! I hella did not expect it because we sort of celebrated my birthday early by eating Thai food after my microbiology final (aced it!). Later on in the night while I was studying, I remembered that both my roommate and housemate were asking me when I was coming back...I didn't find it suspicious at all lol. There was no parking in the driveway so I had to drop off my stuff, park all the way down the street and I ran back home and bam, I was hit with a happy birthday song ^_^ so sweet. I was so happppppyyy ^_^

When we had dinner at Thai Nakorn on 14/03/13

 Yummy yellow curry :) my fave

On my actual birthday 14/03/15

Green Tea Mousse Cake!

Tpumps ^_^ yummy

Surprised on Sunday! 14/03/16

 "Keep pretending that you're blowing out the candles!"

My friends made little collages on instagram ^_^

I seriously love my friends!

On a completely unrelated or semi-related note, it was my housemate's birthday on the 4th of this month! I've known her since I was in pre-school, who would have thought that we'd end up living together? My roommate and other housemate decided to bake her cupcakes and surprise her! We made her vegan cupcakes...because she's vegan lol We didn't make the frosting though. We surprised her after 12am. We thought she might have heard us baking the cupcakes downstairs but it turns out she already knocked the hell out and didn't know. When we first knocked on the door and my roommate walked in, she said "just put it on the table" because she thought we were giving her the money for utilities. She was def surprised :) she was probably a little made since we woke her up, but she can't stay mad for that long since we made her cupcakes!

(My housemate and I actually had a midterm to study for but we baked cupcakes instead :P) 

Birthday Outfit 14/03/15

Outfit details:
Top: H&M
Skirt: Forever21
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Zara


Food Food Food!

When I stay at school for 2 weeks, I always seem to spend more money on food...especially junk food -.- so me, my roommate, and housemate have decided to eat at a different restaurant every Thursday! Or well just every week. They want to try out as many restaurants as possible before we graduate!

First place we ate at was Four Seasons! Like the only Chinese food place where I go to school lol the ah yi is really nice. She speaks canto and mandarin, but she spoke to us in Mandarin. I told her that we speak cantonese...but stupidly, I said it in mandarin lol like wtf was I doing? Obviously I wasn't thinking very much. I ordered Mongolian beef with rice (my faveeee!) and it was pretty yummy! We ordered take out and went home to watch Frozen on youtube

Roommate was busy last Thursday, so we ate with my vegan housemate instead !
 Heart shaped rice! So Q! I ordered pad kee mao. When I told my rooommate, she was like "WHAT? REALLY?? You didn't order Curry? Or pad thai?" because normally, that's the only thing I'll ever order when eating Thai. I think I should learn how to make pad thai, yellow curry, and pad kee mao so I don't spend so much every time I want to eat it! 

 Super big thai tea for only $1.50! 
 Kimchi fried rice and kimbap! I couldn't finish any lol all ended up being leftovers
The kimchi fried rice was my lunch the next day! Still yummm!
My udon!! Made with soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, and my special chili sauce from China! 
This guy in my class made soup for the entire class as part of his presentation! Wasn't my cup of tea

Snacks for the kids I work with! This was a hit with the kids. They all wanted seconds! 
Costco trips always start with me ordering pizza or polish (polish dog? polish hot dog??) I drown it in ketchup, mustard, and relish. Super messy! I always get it all over my hands.
 My roommate and I! I've lived with her for 3 years already! 
With my roommate and housemate! My housemate is also a nutrition major, so we see each other like 24/7 lool 


Why do I shop so much!!

I shop so much! I just ordered a pair of Sperry's and the other day, I ordered a pair of boots. And last week, I ordered a Black Scale hoodie! And I'm ordering a forever21 bag with my frienddd cause she doesn't have enough for shipping. I love shopping! It makes me happy! Food makes people happy, shopping makes me happy!
 ASOS trapper hat, clutch, knee high socks, and black dress! 

 Chicwish faux fur vest! 


Shoe Obsessed

Huge shopping problem and I ain't even gonna deny it! I tend to reward myself after I take exams :P I just seem to want everything I see >.< 

I bought these shoes between September-December! Didn't get them all at once. I would feel too guilty if I did. 

From left to right:
Nine West Riding Boots (on sale now!)
MIA Riding Boots 
Doc Martens 
You know you have a shopping problem when you buy the same pair of shoes in 3 different colors...

All 4 pairs of shoes are from ASOS! Though the lace-ups are sold out now. Can't believe I spent $60 on each pair -.- 

But here are the ankle boots on the right: 
^ I should have bought them on black friday...would have gotten 30% off but I bought a different pair that ended up being really ugly -___- 

Please tell me I'm not the only who shops this crazily. 


B.A.P 1004

Their MV finally came out! The excitement!! They all look so good and I absolutely love the song! Very little Jongup in the MV though...I really like all the songs on this album...I think I'll actually purchase their album :P not yet though because I'm broke from all the shopping I've done in the past 3 months :P whoops



Went yum cha with some relatives today in South SF because my cousin just came back to visit from the east coast! I love eating dim sum <3 nomnomnom

Dug through my closet yesterday and found this sweater from Old Navy! Haven't worn it in two years. Super love these tights my dad bought me!! Already ripped them though lol I've counted how many tights I have and I have 60+ tights in a bag in my closet and I have more hidden in a suitcase somewhere in my mom's room!